Namaste Horsemanship

What is Namaste Horsemanship?

Namaste Horsemanship is a program that I developed based on my experience as a Natural Horsemanship Instructor,
Low Flying Aerial Yoga Practioner/Instructor, and Rider Biomechanics Specialist.

I know these things all sound like they should not fit together- but they actually do!
Here is how… 

First part of Namaste Horsemanship is the Mind.

We need to get into our horse’s mind to effect their body and their spirit. We need to create a connection, build a relationship, and help them get to a place where they want to learn.  This is where the Natural Horsemanship piece of the puzzle comes in.

Next, comes the BODY.

This is where the Aerial Yoga and Biomechanics come to play!  One missing piece in Natural Horsemanship is addressing the rider’s body, their position, and how it affects the horse.  In Low Flying Aerial Yoga, I can help you (without the horse at this point) get your body where it needs to be to either:

• get you out of pain so you can ride
• to address problem areas such as hip flexors, shoulders, ect, so your position is better for you riding and for your horse!
• to give you more confidence in your body which will translate into the saddle!

Finally, SPIRIT.

When we put these three pieces together, we will feel more balanced in our mind, our body and our spirit- as will your horse.

How to get started?

There are a couple of ways to get started!   If you need to focus on the Natural Horsemanship piece, I can help you one on one in a lesson or clinic format.  I also do online coaching.

If you feel comfortable in your relationship with your horse and need to focus on your riding and position, then join our online program for low flying aerial yoga  and join us at a clinic!

Who would like this kind of relationship with their horse?