Namaste Horsemanship Clinic

What do we do in a Namaste Horsemanship Clinic?

We first start on the ground.  With Low Flying.  What is low flying?

In low flying yoga, we focus on two things:

  1. Stetching and decompressing. Creating space between our joints and vertebrae so our bodies can begin to get back into balance.
  2. Creating strength particularly in those areas that riders must focus on- core and lower body strength.
  3. Breathing and Focus.  Balancing our mind as well as our body, so we are more in rhythm with our horse and a better partner.


This class is meant to build stability in our position and a better mental focus.
The low flying yoga piece is in a small group environment (no more than 8 people) with a qualified instructor.

Who can do low flying yoga?

It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you have ever done aerial yoga before, anyone can participate!
If you have had a previous injury, low flying yoga can do amazing things to relieve your pain.
People with physical disabilities- such as amputies- and other limitation will greatly benefit, as well.

What do we do in the riding portion?

1 hour semi private rider biomechanic lesson focusing on the individual riders’ issues.


30 minute theory discussion of low flying yoga and how it will help you…
2 hour session in the swing

Riding Lesson

The clinic is normally a two day format- over a weekend- but could definitely be stretched into three days….it is meant to be taken with a horse that is already calm under saddle.  If your horse has behavioral issues, you can arrange to have a lesson focusing on that rather than the rider biomechanic piece in the afternoon.  You could also work with Kelly privately the day before the clinic on those issues so you can have the riding opportunity over the weekend.