Amanda Russell Latham

All trainers are NOT created equal. Unlike other horse trainers, Kelly trains humans how to interact with their horses. I first called Kelly because I was having some safety issues with my mothers horse, Jake and I really wanted some riding lessons. I was just getting back into horse ownership after a 15 year break and I realized I needed help and that this wasn’t as easy as I remembered. I was scared that something bad would happen.

Our goal is to have good, safe and fun to ride horses and unfortunately our horses were getting unsafer by the day. This had to stop and Kelly showed us how to regain respect from our small herd. We do this thru natural horsemanship techniques and playing some fun and easy games that all of the horses already know – it’s their language after all.

I had recently worked with two different trainers who just weren’t effective and I felt like I was wasting my time and money. Kelly is different. Her methods have empowered me to be brave with my horse, to feel more confident in and out of the saddle and make learning with my horse fun. Unlike other trainers, we don’t lunge the horse to make them tired, we never are mean to our horses (one trainer hit them in the face because he could).

Our horses have learned to stand at the mounting block, I have learned the importance of pre flight checks before hitting the trails. Everything we do on the ground and playing with our horses makes them safer and more respectful when we get on their backs. I’ve noticed a difference in my horses confidence and my own.

Asking Kelly for her help was one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made in myself and my horses. I don’t have fancy horses, I just have a passion for learning and our horses now have a partnership with us and love to be around us.

Kyle Van Splinter

Before I get on my horses now, I always do aerial yoga exercises with the Booty Bag. I have it set up in the aisle of my barn. It allows me to stretch all areas (i.e. hip flexors, quadriceps, Achilles, back, hips, spine, chest, etc.) One of the Booty Bag exercises allows me to open up my chest and stretch my achilles tendons at the same time; it’s WAY better than opening up my chest in a doorway which is how I used to stretch that area. Core exercises (and other strength exercises) with the Booty Bag are also fantastic….including a “no hands” PLANK!!!

Doing all this prior to riding makes such a big difference in the way I am able to utilize my seat, body, and legs almost immediately when I hit the saddle. My horses greatly appreciate it too. When I’m able to be a good partner with them PHYSICALLY, they’re able to move more freely. I also find their backs are not sore after riding at all. The chiropractor notices the difference too.

Additionally, sometimes if I’m stressed (before riding or not) I do some of the inversion exercises with the Booty Bag which is unbelievable refreshing and relaxing.

Melody Macnamara

Licensed Equine Massage Therapist

I had my first weekend introduction to aerial yoga this past weekend.
I am amazed at how flexible my body was doing positions that I could never do with regular yoga.

I have an issue with my left shoulder and couldn’t lift my arm before the first class.
Now? I can lift, stretch, move, and rotate.
Pain free? Not yet, but with aerial yoga and the instructions from Kelly Sigler Patterson,
I am on my way to better health and better riding!

Amy Vanner

A testimonial about how aerial yoga specifically helps my riding….

I have Fibromyalgia, which I now treat naturally. I still get a lot of stiffness throughout my body and have been seeing a chiropractor once a week for many years. I have done regular yoga for probably 20 years off and on. I had quit because the compression really hurt my body.

I was introduced to aerial yoga recently, and I took to it quickly. I’ve become so addicted to it, and I am able to do stretches in aerial yoga that I cannot do on the ground.

This was the first time I have used aerial yoga and then incorporated it into my riding. I ride large moving warmbloods. I’ve always had issues in my pelvis and L4-L5 vertebrae locking up. My hips would always be stiff and uneven. I noticed after my session yesterday how loose my pelvis, lumbar spine, and hips were. It was so easy for me to easily sit a big moving Friesian trot. I felt so fluid!

I definitely recommend all riders to try this out!